Teeth are Crooked? How Dental Assistants Help Patients.

Posted on: October 28, 2016 10:09 am by Dental Assistant Denver

Perfectly straight teeth usually do not come naturally for many people. Studies show that crooked teeth, underbites and overbites are inherited traits; therefore, if parents have these dental issues,  it’s quite likely that their children with have the same issues, too.


Crooked molars may not seem like a serious issue for some people; they only see it as a concern if other people might be put off by their physical appearance. Still, they can actually be the point of origin of other dental concerns. According to certified dental assistants, one of the negative effects of having teeth being crooked is that it can make practicing proper dental care challenging. Since toothbrushes are designed for straight chompers, it’s difficult to brush and floss thoroughly if they’re not straight, which then increases the risk of cavities, gingivitis and tooth decay, according to many dental assistants.

If a patient happens to have crooked teeth or even an overbites, they could be having speech difficulties. Such issues can create the tendency in people to lisp or they may find it hard to properly produce certain letter sounds such as v, b, f and p.

A patient could also have chewing problems with crooked teeth that really could lead to other health problems. It also puts a strain on jaw muscles that can increase the risk of tooth damage which will lead to dental office visits. A dental assistant helps with treatment and explains ways to avoid these problems.

A dental assisting professional will get x-rays for the dentist before any type of treatment plan is worked out to correct problems. The X-rays will provide adequate information on the actual position of each tooth and roots. These will also reveal if the patient still has teeth that have yet to break out of the gums.

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