Dental Exam – What A Dental Assistant Does

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Posted on: July 6, 2017 7:01 am by Dental Assistant Denver

To preserve oral health dental assistants recommend a regular dental exam. Dentists along with a dental assistant will provide the most suitable treatment while keeping it affordable. To achieve a healthy mouth routine oral care is needed and regular visits to the dental office is great way to start.

Dental Exam

Dental assistants and hygienists need to see patients every six months to clean and polish teeth to keep a patients oral care in check. Dental assistants make sure patients have x-rays which help evaluation of the patient’s oral health. After the dental exam – dental assistants with the doctor’s guidance can suggest to patients what other dental care will be needed.

Oral Examination – This will help detect problems such as  fillings that are deteriorating or other  conditions affecting  patients health such as oral cancer and gum disease. A dental assistant will explore each tooth, gums, the tongue.

Panoramic X-ray – Dental assistants will often perform this x-ray of all of the mouth as well as upper and lower jaws to gain a clear picture of the patients mouth’s condition. It will show the entire mouth in one image, this helps dental assistants identify problems like fractures, bone abnormalities, infections, tumors, and impacted teeth. This imagery method is often used when planning treatments like dentures, braces and implants.

Dental Surgery – Dental assistants help with these procedures which include everything from a simple tooth extraction to a complicated procedure like dental implant surgery. This is done to help relieve pain as well as to boost the appearance and function of the patient’s smile. It will often be performed in the dental office without having to be referred to another office.

Dental Care Basics that a dental assistant recommends to patients:

  • Brush at least twice a day – Do not rush brushing. Proper brushing usually requires two minutes. Also, do not forget the gum line, the areas around fillings,  and hard-to-reach areas.
  • Clean in between teeth – A toothbrush can’t reach all the areas to be cleaned. As such, it is very crucial to use floss or interdental cleaners to clean the areas that the toothbrush cannot reach. Even brushing the tongue is  important since this will remove bacteria to ensure fresh breath.
  • Eat a balanced diet – Patients should make it a habit to eat a balanced diet that contains foods from the five major food groups. Limiting snacks that contain high levels of sugar.
  • Visit the dentist regularly – Dental visits must be done every six months or more for early detection of any dental problem including tooth decay, gum disease, and oral cancer. Routine fluoride application is also a must. This can be done during routine dental exam and cleaning.

Dental care is something that a dental assistant can help their patients understand. A patient’s smile will greatly depend on these basic practices. A good dental assisting professional makes sure that the patient knows about these simple tasks to help with their oral care.

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Charles F. Reed, DDS

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  1. William D. Says:

    A dental assistant seems to be the right hand of the dentist. Knowing how to help is important. I am glad that I took this class to become a dental assistant


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