Dental Assistant Graduates

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Posted on: January 3, 2017 9:54 am by Dental Assistant Denver

Feeling trapped in a dead-end job? Do you feel like you need a career change to help you in these sluggish economic times? Why not join our school and and start a new career with great pay like these recent dental assistant graduates?

Dental Assistant Graduates

Check out what some students are saying about our school :

  • “My experience at Premier School of Dental Assisting was so awesome!” – says Kinsey S.
  • “The dental office where I was interning was so impressed with what I had to offer that they offered me a job as I completed my hours!” – says Samantha K.
  • “The dental assisting program was excellent and gave me the knowledge and practice I needed to become a good dental assistant.” – says Jeff B.

Do you want to change your life like this these dental assistant graduates did? Don’t delay because class size is limited. Email or call (303) 800-1164 to get signed up to become a dental assistant.

Charles F. Reed, DDS

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3 Responses on “Dental Assistant Graduates

  1. Nancy S. Says:

    Nice work on graduating everyone. All the work you put in now will pay off with a dental assisting career ?


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