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Sedation Dentistry – Is This Your New Career?

Posted on: February 2, 2016 10:41 am by Dental Assistant Denver

There have been tremendous improvements in dental treatment and practice over the previous century including sedation dentistry for major procedures. It’s now possible to restore lost teeth, disfigured teeth can now be the arranged in the proper manner, the fear of visiting dentist are being addressed, and many other new developments have improved the industry. One of the best development among them all is sedation dentistry, since no matter how harmless and minimally painful most dental treatments are, many individuals don’t want to imagine themselves going through session on the dental chair. This is an important procedure for which the Dental Assistant School in Denver provides training.

sedation dentistry

Dentists regularly administer sedation dentistry and are of the idea that this procedure will take care of the fear that comes to the mind of many individual whenever there it’s need for them to through a dental procedure treatment. The way it is now done, it’s that they make use of controlled medication that we assist in relaxing the patient or render them totally unconscious during the entire period of the treatments. When patients feel numbed, they don’t feel any discomfort which they would have normally felt while various procedures are administered such as scaling, extraction, incisions, and others performed on their mouths. Dental assistants at any modern dental office need training to support the dentist during sedation procedures.

There are various types of sedatives used for sedation dentistry and you most realize the fact that not all patients go through the same sedation, because their mouth problem may differ and so there are various levels of sedation. Being a dental assistant your major role is support the dentist while the various kinds of sedation are administered. Below is a list of some of the various types of sedation treatments.

Nitrous oxide or laughing gas

This treatment is carried out through a gas mask fix in the nose and it’s combined with oxygen. It kind of sedation is minimal but does a great job in making patients feel numb. The impact of the breathed sedative will wear off rather rapidly; this is perfect for patients that need to drive themselves home because they don’t need to be scared of feeling groggy after going through their dental treatment. Patients are kept awake but totally numb using this sedative. Dental Assistants support the doctor during the treatment.


This originated from the same medication family as valium, which a lot of us are aware is mainly given to patients with insomnia and depression. This is orally taken and should an hour before the start of the dental procedure. Patients that take it are going to be feeling drowsy and excess dosage can cause them to sleep. This offer mild to moderate sedation, what this implies is that while patients may sleep off, the kind of sleep is not going to be too deep a slumber that it’ll be hard to wake them up.  In other terms, patients are kept awake but are not totally mindful of the ongoing procedure. Again, dental assisting professionals support the dentist as he administers this medication.

General Anesthesia

This is the most powerful sedative used for sedation dentistry. because of it has the ability to force patients into deep sleep during the entire process of the procedure. It is administered through IV and it has the ability to make anybody fall unconscious instantly. This is the preferable option for those individuals that are scared and are very anxious about dental procedures; in any case, all patients that are sedated using general anesthesia should not be allowed to drive, it’s advisable they allow friends or family members to drive them home after the period of the treatment, due to the fact that the effect don’t wear away quickly. In most occasions, they will still need to undergo special medication to bring them back to their normal self, but even with this measure, patients may still show some sign of being drowsy or groggy for quite a while. The dental assistant provides support to the doctor during the treatment and helps the patient prepare for their departure from the dental office.

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Charles F. Reed, DDS