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How to become a Dental Assistant

Posted on: November 11, 2015 10:44 am by Dental Assistant Denver

Are you considering a change in career? Do you like intermingling with people? Do you find hands-on work a pleasure? If your response to these questions is yes, then becoming a dental assistant might be the career you are searching for!

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In the dental health industry, a dental assistant plays a vital role. Apart from the dentist, in most dental offices, the dental assistant has the second most vital role.

Duties of a Dental Assistant

According to the dental setting, the dentist allocating the duties and state rules, a dental assistant can carry out a number of duties. These duties include:Sterilize dental tools.

  • Help the dentist with procedures.
  • Perform x-rays.
  • Sterilize and assist with dental tools.
  • Patient management duties at the front desk such as welcoming patients, answering phone calls and fixing patients’ appointments.
  • Office supervisory duties such as working on financial issues and gathering reports.
  • Communicate with patients to get to know their dental past, inform them what the dental services they will have involves and inform them about follow up treatment following a procedure.
  • Offer consolation to the patient in connection with worries prior, in the course of and following dental processes or services.
  • Arrange tools as well as supplies.
  • Make orders for supplies and maintenance.
  • Carry out teeth impressions.
  • Take out stitches.
  • Check a patient’s vital signs like heart beat and blood pressure and recording.
  • Store a patient’s records through computer or paper.

Our class environment is a very modern Dental office, so the students gain a genuine respect for the operation of newer equipment and a feel of working in an actual office.

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