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$100 Discount Ends Soon!!

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Posted on: June 1, 2015 10:57 am by Dental Assistant Denver

Having trouble with your current career? Stuck in a dead-end job? Want to make a change to become a dental assistant? The Premier School of Dental Assisting would like to help you make that change.

Dr. Charles Reed is offering a great opportunity with just a few short days left…  Students can receive a $100 discount off the cost of tuition if they enroll by the deadline and there are still spots available in the next class.


This discount will be gone soon, so act now before it is gone.  The deadline is June 4th, 2015 and/or when all class seats are taken.

Reserve your spot  by contacting us via email or calling (303) 800-1164.

Charles F. Reed, DDS

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