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Dental Assistant Jobs – Short-Term or Long-Term Course?

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Posted on: March 20, 2015 11:09 am by Dental Assistant Denver

Both long and short-term Dental Assisting courses have their pros and cons depending upon your particular circumstance. Short intense courses like ours are generally about one- quarter of the tuition cost and are completed in half to one-third of the time which makes the opportunity for dental assistant jobs that much faster.

Dental Assistant Jobs

Short-term courses work well for highly motivated individuals looking to get into the work force as soon as possible. Regardless of which program you complete, you are still entering the work force at entry level pay until you prove yourself. We see the best and the worst from both short and long-term programs, so it boils down to individual motivation, personality, attitude and work ethic.

I believe this is what makes our students so terrific, you can tell by the photos they take during class that they are serious and happy about learning and making the extra effort to work hard. They become friends quickly and support each other as a group.

Our class environment is a very upscale Dental office, so the students gain a genuine respect for the cost of equipment and a feel of working in an actual office. And of course incentives and occasional prizes and contests break the monotony of all the study study study!!

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Charles F. Reed, DDS


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