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Becoming a Dental Assistant

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Posted on: July 31, 2014 12:01 pm by Dental Assistant Denver

Are you ready for a new career or possibly a career change? Do you love to interact with people? Do you enjoy hands-on work? Do you crave for a job with responsibility that will give you a great sense of fulfillment? If you answered yes to these questions, then being a dental assistant may be the career that you are looking for!

A dental assistant serves a crucial role in any dental health setting. Aside from the dentist, the dental assistant is the next most important role in any dental office. A dental assistant can perform a range of duties, depending on the dental setting, the dentist assigning the duties, and the state regulations. These duties can include:


  • Front desk administrative duties, including but not limited to greeting patients, taking phone calls, and scheduling patient visits
  • Office managerial duties, including but not limited to handling billing matters and
  • Sterilize supplies
  • compiling reports
  • Talking with patients to find out their dental history, explain what their dental services will entail, and explain follow-up care for after a procedure
  • Provide comfort to the patient regarding concerns before, during, and after dental procedures or services
  • Set up equipment and supplies
  • Perform x-rays
  • Explain proper oral care
  • Ordering and maintain supplies
  • Assist dentist with procedures
  • Doing teeth impressions
  • Remove stitches
  • Taking and recording patient vital signs, such as pulse and blood pressure
  • Maintaining patient records via paper or computer

The advantages of being a dental assistant are numerous! People are going to continue to need oral care, so job security is high for this profession. There are numerous areas of dental health, such as general dentistry, specialty dentistry, children’s dentistry, etc., so there is always a great selection of different types of dentistry to try. Also, being in the health field is fulfilling and rewarding in itself because you are helping someone meet a physical need, which helps to improve their health and overall well-being!

Aside from working in a dental office, there are other places where a dental assistant has the potential to work. A dental assistant can work at an insurance company processing dental claims, explaining claims and dental services, or selling dental insurance. A dental assistant can work in a school setting as a teacher instructing others on their career path to being a dental assistant. A dental assistant can work in a public health clinic providing information to local areas and schools regarding proper dental preventative care. A dental assistant can also travel and go to dental offices and facilities as a dental sales representative selling dental products. The possibilities and opportunities for a dental assistant are growing rapidly as oral hygiene care is becoming more accessible through insurance companies and oral hygiene being linked to overall health and wellness.

Being a dental assistant is not only a great career choice, but it could also be a great launch pad for further career success in the dental industry. Some dental assistants are trained in administrative tasks and managerial duties, which makes them fully prepared for managerial and supervisory promotions, leading to greater success in the dental health industry, more job experience, and greater earning potential. Some dental assistants also decide to further their career as dentists after working in a dental office and seeing and acquiring first-hand experience by working side-by-side with a dentist.

The outlook for dental assistants is perhaps one of the greatest on average out of all the professions. The need for dental assistants is predicted to increase by over 25% over the next several years due to more dental practices expanding, new dental offices continuing to open, and more people seeking preventative dental care than ever before. Dentists will need more dental assistants to help perform more routine tasks, allowing more time for the dentist to see more patients. The average staring pay for dental assistants start around $35,000, depending on job location, tasks performed, job experience, and other factors.

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