A career as a Dental Assistant may be right for you. Would you like a career with job security, good pay and professional work environment?

If you said, “YES”, then consider our school. According to the Bureau for Labor Statistics, employment in this field is expected to grow faster than the average for all occupations through 2016.

Start a new career

Currently there are more job opportunities available than there are Dental Assistants to go around! The demand is out there–why not take advantage of this opportunity?

Premier School of Dental Assisting at Cody Dental

  1. Your job as a Dental Assistant is recession-proof
  2. You’ll work in a professional environment assisting with dental procedures, lab work and office duties.
  3. You can earn $12 to $20 per hour
  4. Your job may come with benefits such as paid vacation, and sick leave, medical and hospitalization, reimbursement for continuing education course fees, pension plans (401k) and profit sharing or bonus plan.
  5. You can find employment anywhere in the United States

How to become a Dental Assistant

We can train you in 13 weeks with 78 hours of lecture and lab plus a 50 hour dental assistant internship with a practicing dentist. The school is located in the progressive Cody Dental Group in Southeast Denver. After you graduate you’ll have the skills to get a job immediately. Why not call today for more information?

Our information will answer all of your questions about dental assistant training, dental assisting classes and dental assistant internship. It is our aim to help hurting dentists find the proper dental assistant. We offer all of the resources that you need, in order for you to become an efficient and reliable professional within the dental field.
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Dental Assistant Schools, Training Programs and Dental Assisting Careers all over the United States are growing at a fast pace due to the high demand for their services. Although this sounds like it may be an easy task to accomplish, there is much more that you should know about before entering school or accepting any job opportunity.

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